Tiers feature - Allowing specific stores to show above others

Typically Storemapper assumes that your customers just want to find the closest location to them and results are shown ordered strictly by distance away from the customer. However, there may be some cases where you will want to feature certain locations. For this, you can use “tiers” a feature available to Premium plans.

Tiers should be set as normal numbers: 1,2, 3… Tier 1 is higher priority than tier 2 and so on. In a simple example where most stores are tier 2 and a few premium stores are tier 1, the Storemapper search algorithm works like the following:

  • First, it calculates a point that represents the customer’s search query: either an exact address, GPS location, or the center point of a city, zip, etc.
  • Second, it finds all stores within the search radius from the center point.
  • Next, it will display all tier 1 locations, ordered by distance from the customer, then it will display all tier 2 locations, ordered by distance from the customer.

It’s important to use the search radius setting to find the right balance between preferring tiers and preferring distance. For example, if you have one global HQ with tier 1, and the rest of your locations as tier 2, and a search radius set to 2,000 miles, nearly every search will return your HQ as the first result even if it’s 1,000 miles away. Bringing down the search radius will ensure that higher tier locations don’t show up in searches an unreasonable distance away.

You can also use CSS to highlight certain locations with tiers. The column list item will also be given a specific CSS class of “#storemapper #storemapper-list li.tier1”, “#storemapper #storemapper-list li.tier2” and so on.

Tier, like any other attribute, can be set and updated via CSV bulk edit, Google Drive Sync and manually through the store edit screen.

This does sometimes need to be enabled in the back-end so if you don't see it in your dashboard, please give us a shout at help@storemapper.co

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