How to manually add a store

You can easily add a store from your account dashboard.

  1. Login to your account from here
  2. On the left hand panel, select Stores and All Stores
  3. On the right hand side you will see the option to “Add new Store”

4. Once selected, the below window will appear.  Name and Address are mandatory fields.

Phone – Enter location phone number in any format

Email – Email

URL – Location website or any link you want to navigate your user to when they click on the location ‘Website’ text in the listing.

Description – Location description. You can also use html tags here.

Tier / Priority – (Premium feature) You can assign numbered tiers to your locations, to feature or prefer certain locations to show first. Check more details here Using tiers to feature or prefer certain locations

Hide store – Check this box if you want to hide any location from showing up on the searches and listings.

Categories or Product Lines – You can assign categories to your locations to differentiate between different types of locations, show multiple brands or sub-brands on one map and to identify which products or product lines are available at each location. For more information, please see our Using Category Features article.

Image url – Location logo. You can add URL to hosted image and it will be displayed in the listing and in pop up window on the map.

Custom marker url – Assign a location to a custom marker pin. We support URLS, so you need to host marker the image somewhere first.

Custom Fields 1 – 3 – Use it for any additional information about your location (like working hours / Discounts) etc

5. Click ‘Save Store’ and it should appear on you map straight away. Please do not forget to refresh your page (CTRL SHIFT + R)

If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out at

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