Adding store locations via the CSV Bulk Uploader

Adding locations to your Storemapper is like a breeze using our enhanced CSV uploader. You don’t need to do any specific preparations with your file, other than saving it in csv format and following the instructions you’ll see on your screen.

Add locations via CSV uploader

Login to your account from here or if you are a Shopify user,  log into Shopify Apps, search for Storemapper and access your account.

From the home screen, you will see a navigation menu on the left hand side. You will need to select ‘Download CSV’ button. The excel will open in a new window.

Remember to keep the headers as they are in row 1 and start adding your locations from row 2. It’s important not to delete or rename any of the headers.

Once you have added your locations (the file  will need to be saved as a .CSV file) you will then need to select “bulk upload”

Step 1: First we need to learn a bit about your file to know how to process it. The first box “Header columns” will automatically be selected. This should remain selected. If you have split out the address into several columns (see here for more info), ensure the second box is also selected.

  • Header columns – let us know if your file has headers in the first row
  • Address field – check if your addresses are split to Street/zip/City/Country

Press  ‘Select file’ once done.

Step 2: In the below box, select “Click to select a file” and upload your CSV file

If your CSV has the address split across different columns, please select this button when uploading -

Step 3:  On the last step you’ll be asked to map your file columns to appropriate Storemapper fields.

  • CSV Column – displays column name from your file.
  • Sample data – data from your file
  • Storemapper field – Storemapper field you should map your column to.

We will try to find a match if the spelling of your field is similar to one of ours (for example City / Cities). Ensure you check every field matches the header column. If you accidentally make a mistake, just press on X  to clear the field value.

Ensure mandatory fields ‘Name’ and ‘Address’ ( or ‘Street’  in case of split address) are mapped.

Once done press ‘Start import’ and Storemapper will start the process of import.

That is it! You will receive a notification to your email linked to your account upon the completion or you will receive an email outlining any errors and which locations did not import over.

Checking upload status and handle errors

You can also check your upload from your account.

From your account dashboard press on ‘Bulk Upload’. Below upload screen you’ll see table with your last uploads.

You can check their status and download file with errors.

Longitude / Latitude and Storemapper ID are NOT required to be added by you. They will be automatically added in by the system once the address has been geocoded.

If you need any help with your upload, please do not hesitate to reach out at

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