Using the Google Drive Sync feature

Google drive sync offers easy synchronisation with Storemapper  with just a simple click or by setting up an automatic sync schedule.

Please see a quick overview below -

Why use Google sync?

It is a lot easier to manage everything in one place. You can also share your Google sheet with as many people as needed. They can then make changes to the sheet and as its set on an automatic sync, they do not need access to your account.

How do I set this up?

From inside your Storemapper account navigate to Settings > Integrations

Click on Connect to Google this will redirect you to sign in with Google – select the account where you would like your spreadsheet to reside and Allow.

You will then be redirected back to Storemapper and you will see a notice with the message of success that the sheet was created, as well as the direct link to the sheet.

You can click that link to open the spreadsheet. You can also access the spreadsheet at any time by clicking Stores> Drive Sync > Open Spreadsheet

From there you can open your spreadsheet and add in the store information directly on the google spreadsheet. Keep in mind to NOT change the headers generated by Storemapper – this will break the data sync.

You can then manually sync the stores when needed by selecting the Sync stores button, or from Settings> Integrations you can schedule a time of day for the integration to run every 24 hours.

*It is not possible to remove a synched spreadsheet from the dashboard, if you need to disconnect and re-add the integration reach out to

Google drive is only available on our premium and corporate subscription, unless you have bought this as an add-on with the Micro and Pro plan. You can do so via the "Add-On" tabs on the left hand menu

The file can only upload raw data from the first tab. This is where all of the information needs to be in order for it to be imported correctly into Storemapper.

You can of course use more tabs for your internal purposes but tab 1 will be the only information that is imported across.

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