Google Maps Error: The page can’t load Google Maps correctly

If your Storemapper suddenly started showing darkened map with the watermark “for development purposes only” on it , then you may have either the issue with API key or billing.

In order to use Google Maps Platform products, billing must be enabled on your account, and all requests must include a valid API key. The following flow will help you troubleshoot the issue.

Are you using API key?

  • I’m not sure. How can I check that?  Login to your Storemapper account and navigate to Map Providers settings. Check if there’s anything in Google Maps API key field.
  • No, I’m not using API Key. Please create it using this article – How to add a Google Maps API key to your store locator
  • Yes, I’m using API key.  You can go to next step then.

Is billing enabled for your Google account?

Starting from July 18 in the scope of Google Maps Platform changes , Google will require you to enable billing account with them and assign it to your project. Please, follow instructions mentioned in this article – How to add billing account to your Google project

I’m not sure. How can I check if billing enabled? 

Navigate to the Google Cloud Platform Console and select the project under which your API key was created. To confirm the key is associated with the project:

  1. Go to the Credentials section, which can be accessed from the left side bar under APIs & Services > Credentials.
  2. Check that the API key you currently use on your website is listed. If that’s not the case, switch to a different project, and check the credentials there.
  3. If you cannot locate the project for your API key, you may have lost access to this project. Ask others in your organization for help. If the original project cannot be located, you should:
    • Create a new project. This can be done by selecting New Project from the projects list, or by selecting Create Project via the Resource Manager page.
    • Create a new API key. This can be done on the Credentials page. Once there click Create credentials and then select API key.

Once you have located your project in the Google Cloud Platform Console, check if billing is enabled by navigating to the Billing section in the left side menu.

No, I don’t have billing account enabled. Please, enable billing using steps from this article – How to add billing account to your google project

Yes, I have billing account enabled.   Great, you may want to check next step.

Is the provided billing method no longer valid (for example an expired credit card)?

You can add, remove, or update a payment method in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Is there an exceeded self-imposed daily limit on the API?

If you added quota  limits to your Google project, going above them could cause similar problems. You may may want to  increase your limits

If none of above helped, please reach us out at or via chat.

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