How to link your billing account to your Storemapper project

As of June 11th, Google may start asking you to add Billing account and associate it with your Google API key.  Google needs this to start billing you in a timely manner in case your map usage goes over free quota and ensure that you don’t have a service interruption.

You may find that you have already added a credit card to your Google console, but you will also need to ensure that it is linked to your Storemapper project.

The error message on your map will be "Google requires a billing account"

You need to be in the Google cloud for this -

First step: Add a new billing account

On the left hand menu, please select “navigation Menu and Billing”

Make sure you have your Storemapper project selected in the dropdown menu.

There can be two views -

If you see this view - please select "Manage Billing Accounts"

If you do not have a credit card added, please add this now via selecting “Add Billing Account”

If you can, call it something with Storemapper in the name

Once added, Go back to the billing tab (left hand panel) and this time select “My Projects”

Here, you will see your Storemapper project.

Please select the three dots on the right hand corner

Select “Change Billing”

Choose your Billing account that you have created and select “Submit and Enable”

We are also here to help and can walk you through this step by step. Please reach out at

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