Add business hours to your store listings

Business hours are important in customer communication as they establish accessibility and create clear expectations. This helps establish a consistent customer experience and also allows customers to know when they can expect services.

Updating your business hours can be a tedious job, especially if they are consistently changing.

Storemapper now allows you to add business hours to show on your Storemapper listings. This is available on both Google Maps and Mapbox.

This feature is only available to those customers on the Premium ($69.99) and Corporate price plans.

Lets look at how to enable this on Google Maps first.

With Google Maps, it is using real time data from your Google Maps listings therefore when you update your business hours there, it will automatically reflect on your Storemapper listings. There is no manual work needed, just a flick of the switch in your Storemapper settings -

On the left hand navigation menu, select "Settings" and then "Integrations"

Scroll down to the bottom to enable the Business Hours button

On the storemapper listings that appear on the left hand side of the map, Customers can select "overview" to see more in-depth details regarding the business hours

The store hours will always appear at the bottom of the stores listings and all other information will show above (custom fields, description field etc)

Adding Store hours to Mapbox

For Mapbox, it does require some manual input. Currently, there is no way for Mapbox to integrate with Google Maps or Mapbox to pull in your business hours automatically onto your Storemapper platform.

The workaround is to add these hours into your Storemapper dashboard, updating them for each store in order for them to show on your listings.

On the navigation menu, please select "Settings and "General"

Scroll down to the bottom where you will see " Show Business Hours"

From here, you will need to select into each store to manually update the hours. You can do this via selecting "All stores" on the left hand side and editing each store

Please note - This is not yet added into the CSV upload therefore it is a manual process to update each store. This will be deployed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or you need any additional help, please do not hesitate to reach out at

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