How to customize your store locator colors

(NOTE: This is only available when using the new user interface + available only for theme 2.0 and 3.0. For new users, they will be opted into widget 3:0 and you will not see this drop down menu)

You may want to change colours of the widget to ensure the map fits in with your website theme. Storemapper allows you to do this.In the Settings tab on the left hand menu, make sure you have Storemapper Default 2.0 or Storemapper Default 3.0 selected

Ok, you’re now ready to customize your widget colors! For that navigate to Settings > Appearance tab which you will see along the top.

You should see the section called “Colors”

By selecting on the arrow next to the color you can select the color that you would like to appear on your widget. See below for an explanation on each of the options. You can also directly copy and paste the #hex colour into the search bar at the bottom if you want to use a specific colour.

Marker color– This changes the map marker color

Search button

– this sets the background color of the main search button

Links & icons

– this sets the color of the icons and any links inside the store listings

Store button sets the text and border color of the “View on Map” and “Directions” buttons

Accent background

– this sets the background color of the store listings when selected

Accent foreground

– this sets the color of the selected store listings content (text , icons, links and buttons)

You can also update your map color scheme to match your widget colors. Check this article to learn how to change map colors

That’s it! Time for you to be creative and come up with awesome color scheme for your store locator!

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