How to customise your Mapbox map

Mapbox gives their account owners quite powerful tools for creating map color schemes. With Design Studio you can build your unique map style with a couple of clicks. You can create a style from scratch or use built-in templates.

Ready to start?

First login to your mapbox account from here

On the top task bar, please select the drop down arrow and select “Studio” 

In the Styles window click on ‘New style’

You can choose ‘Start blank’ to start creating a map style from scratch (you can find this by scrolling down the template list). This is quite advanced so we do recommend using one of the template styles in the list. Choose your style and click on ‘Customize’

Mapbox will open a design window where you can adjust your chosen style. On the left side you will find map elements, where you can change colors and other properties. If you don’t want to adjust anything just click on ‘Go back’ arrow at the top left.After you have made your changes, select “save and publish” in the top right hand corner. 

Now we need to add style to your Storemapper account. Click on the three dots and copy and paste the URL

Paste copied URL to your Storemapper account here (under Settings, Map Provider) 

Happy Customising! 

Note - For customisation tips for your Google Maps - please see here

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