Auto-search to be limited to a country or countries

Do you find that the Auto-search option keeps bringing back locations that are not relevant to your map? It is favouring locations in America when in-fact your Stores are in Australia? Not to worry, we can help you with this.

We can amend the Auto-search to show specific countries only so that the searches made are not wasted and more accurate to your business. For example, if you are only based in New Zealand and Australia, we will update the back-end so that only locations in these two countries will show when searched.

There is no limit on how many countries this can be enabled for. This is something that has to be enabled in the back-end for the time being, but keep your eyes peeled as we are looking to implement this in the dashboard so you can update this yourselves.

For more information on how the Auto-search function works, please see here 

Please reach out to if you would like your map to only show results for specific countries.

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