Collecting Customer Leads

Collecting data allows you to meet consumer expectations in regards to personalized communications and suggestions. The more you know about the kinds of products/services your customers are interested in, the more you can target your audience

We now offer a feature known as “Leads”. This allows you to gain vital feedback from your customers regarding locations.

By enabling “Lead Collection” users will have the option to submit their name, contact information, and a short message to individual locations through the Storemapper widget. This valuable information will then be fed back to you via your dashboard.

Lets look at how it works

>Customer searches for location but no locations are found within the given search radius

> Pop up box will show for customer

>Customer inputs message

Time to head to your dashboard to locate all your messages

>Select Leads on the left hand side

Customising your leads

Should you wish to use your own wording on the leads form, you are able to do so.

From the >Settings tab, please select >Customize Text

From here, you will see the below box. This will allow you to update the leads form to show the information you really want to receive from your customers.

Please note - the email is mandatory

Field Class is to add a different html class to this field, so that users are able to customize each field

Once you have added the fields you want to include, you will see that under "Customize text" you have the option to amend the text on your Lead form -

This can also be translated across several languages if you are taking advantage of our translation tool.

To update the languages across different maps, when you select "Customize text", you will see all the translations you have added.

Simply select the edit button underneath your added language and scroll down to the section labelled "Leads"

You can then reach out to your customer providing above and beyond customer service.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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