Storemapper Facebook Page Integration

Your Storemapper store locator can be deployed just about anywhere, including on your Facebook Page. . Locations lets you list and manage all your stores on Facebook so everyone can find you in Facebook search, or when they land on your main business Page. This is especially important for people using their mobile phone to find information on the go.

Store locator on Facebook

Store locator on Facebook

How to Install

Note: Before you get started, this feature requires that you are on our premium or corporate plan.

  1. You need to be logged in to both Storemapper and your Facebook account at admin level
  2. Head to the settings tab and select integrations from the left hand panel in your Storemapper dashboard
  3. Follow the steps that load from Facebook and select the page where you wish to add the map
  4. This will add a tab to your Facebook page which will load your Storemapper and pull in all your locations.That’s it, you’re done!

Couple of things to take into consideration:

Your Facebook Page should have more than 2000 fans

Storemapper is installed as a custom tab to your Facebook page and Facebook doesn’t allow custom tabs on pages which have less than 2000 fans. This is to ensure tabs lead to high-quality, accurate content.

More info here –

Facebook Page Integration does not work on mobile

Unfortunately, Facebook integration does not currently work on mobile. The Facebook mobile iOS and Android apps do not support Page Tabs. Additionally, the Facebook website for mobile browsers does not support this feature and according to Facebook’s development team, they have no plans to support it in the future. We have looked at numerous workaround but for now, this feature is limited to desktop users. If you see a functioning store locator that works on mobile or have any suggestions for workarounds, please let us know.

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