Using Custom Fields on your map

Do you have extra information that you want to provide with your customers? Don’t know where to add this on your map? Each location in Storemapper can have up to three custom fields which allow you to add helpful information about that store. These fields can be any kind of text and in some cases HTML, images and even videos.

How do I update a custom field?

You will first need to add custom fields in the back-end in order for them to be visible in your dashboard / be uploaded correctly via your excel file.

To do this, select Settings and Customize Settings

Scroll down to “Custom Fields” and Select “Add Custom Field” – You can have up to three Custom Fields

If you want to label your custom fields to have a title, Add this in the “Field Label”Should you not want your custom field to have a title (this will show on your map), simply leave it blank

Within your dashboard, you will now see on the right hand side your custom fields (either with or without the title)

You can now add the text underneath the title (This can be HTML, video images etc)

Where will this show on my map? 

This data will show up in the left-hand column listing for each location.If you also want the information to also show on your pop-up, you can add some CSS in the settings tab. We can also do this for you too, just reach out and we will get that added.

If you have any questions or you need some help adding HTML, do not hesitate to reach out at

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