How To Add Mapbox Token To Your Store Locator

A Mapbox Token is required to use our store locator if you select Mapbox in the list of providers instead of default Google Maps. Below you can find the steps on how to do this. No worries, it’s easy!

First, let’s check whether your account has or doesn’t have a key added. Login to your account and go to Google Maps API key tab . If you see an empty field, then check instructions below.

  1. If you already have a Mapbox account just login to your account from here and go to step 2. Or if you don’t have a Mapbox account, click on the following link, to start sign up process Fill in the form and click on ‘Get Started’ or Log in

2. You’ll be redirected to your Mapbox account dashboard, from where you can get your access token.

We recommend to use the Default public token without adding any restrictions

3. Paste token to your Storemapper dashboard here

If you need any help, please reach out to

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