Install Storemapper on Lightspeed

Installing Storemapper on Lightspeed couldn’t be easier. You only need to do this once.

First click here to get your code snippet.

Now we just need to create a page in your Lightspeed back office to put the code in.

1. First head to the ‘Content’ section of your Back Office

2. Click ‘Add Page’ in the top right

3. Add a title and click the code button

4. Paste your embed code and click ‘Ok’

5. Complete any other fields for the page, save it

If you’re running old back office version of Lightspeed you should see Storemapper rendering on your page. But if you open the page and see text ‘Store Locator is loading from’ then proceed with the following steps

6. Under your Lightspeed dashboard go to settings

7. Go to ‘Web Extras’

8.Scroll to ‘Custom JavaScript’ section. Copy script tag from your embed code , paste it to the text field and turn status on.

How to get your script tag from embed code?

You need to copy text laying between <script> and </script> tags . See below example.

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